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Exodus is a Republic guild on the Jedi Covenant server.  We were founded in December 2011 on Fort Garnik as the guild Redemption. We currently have ~50 active members.  We enjoy end game, world bosses, and ranked PVP.

We also have an Imperial guild called Reprisal on Jedi Covenant.

If you're interested in joining, please contact any member in game. 
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What's Up

New Members

Garan, Sep 11, 12 12:25 PM.
Please welcome our new members and make them feel at home here as they did in Carpa Diem(pray i spelt that right).

Please use the calendar to schedule events, since this will help us see if we have enough to run event. With more members also look for events to be schedule at different times then the normal to accomodate those on the west coast or different playing hours then east coast people.

New Council Members!

Kentarre, Jul 16, 12 6:20 PM.
We would like to congratulate Badanna, Tiesto, and Akate as our newest council members!  They have met all requirements listed under how council members are chosen and we are excited to have them help us lead and contribute to Exodus.

The current council members are now A'telah, Neckbeard, Kentarre, Rurnax, Badanna, Tiesto, and Akate.

Release 1.3

A'taleh, Jun 22, 12 8:08 PM.
Release 1.3 is coming on Tuesday!  Highlights include ranked PVP, augment kits, legacy bonuses, and a server-specific group finder.  Check Dulfy's write-up for all the details.

Raid Calendar

A'taleh, Jun 18, 12 12:54 PM.
We're going to start scheduling additional raids at off-peak hours for those who aren't available in the late evening.  Neckbeard will host raids in the morning or early afternoon, and Temarek will host raids in the early evening.  If these times work better for you, please sign up for their raids.  Keep in mind that you can only raid each operation once per week (Tuesday through Monday) on story mode and once per week on hard/nightmare mode, which gives you six lockouts per character per week (counting Denova).  

We generally complete operations in 1-2 hours; if it takes much more than 2 hours we will usually call it a night and try again another day.  Operations only reset on Monday night, so you have multiple opportunities to defeat a difficult encounter.  (The trash preceding the encounter will respawn, however, and you'll have to clear it again.)

Our goal is to make sure everyone who wants to raid is able to find a spot in one of our groups.  Story mode raids are the fastest way to gear a fresh 50.  We'll schedule at least two of those raids per week as long as people are signing up.  Hard mode raids require Columni gear, as well as a good understanding of the encounters, and they reward Rakata tokens.  The Lost Island hard mode flashpoint rewards Columni and Rakata gear, as well as Black Hole commendations for the weekly quest, so we'll field as many four-man groups per day as we can.  The tanking and healing roles are pretty challenging, and we're in the process of training people who can lead the groups.

If we're short one or two people for a raid and no guild members are interested, we'll attempt to find a pug (pick up group) member.  Since we joined Jedi Covenant, we've had pretty good experiences with finding friendly, competent players on the Fleet.  If you do bring a pug to a raid, make sure you inspect their gear (or at least note their health, which is a pretty good indication of gear quality) and use Master Looter so they don't grief you by needing all the loot.

Missing in Action

A'taleh, Jun 17, 12 10:50 AM.
We're still missing several folks from Fort Garnik who haven't made the transfer to Jedi Covenant:  Arago, Verdi, Zeta, Greed, Steele, Brututo, Toshebi, Florian, Tressali, Deeps... (if I missed anyone, please add their name in the comments).

Come find us; we miss you!  And the new server is awesome!
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